Saturday, March 12, 2011

My week in Auckland

So I've spent my first week in Auckland, and I am pleasantly surprised. I never thought of myself as a city girl, but I feel like I could live here. Don't worry, I'm not moving to New Zealand... yet.
This week was a little uneventful. I was back and fourth from Empire (where I'm now living), and the international office on campus trying to figure out my class schedule. I finally got it finalized on Friday, and I'm officially taking four classes. My favorite one is MAORI 240. Our grade is based off of a paper and a practical project. We choose a Maori artifact and do research on it and how it was made. Then we make the item in the traditional Maori way. I think I'm going to try and make a fish hook out of wood and bone.

This last class I learned how to make fiber and twine from a plant using a mussel shell and obsidian. I'm also taking Kapa Haka, which is another Maori studies class where I learn about Maori song, dance, and culture. I'm also taking Pacific Song and dance which looks at other Pacific cultures. The last class I'm taking is Pacific Archeology. I think I'm going to have a pretty interesting semester.

After my first week of classes I decided to explore the city a little bit, and walk to the Auckland Museum which I can see from the window in my room. The walk was very scenic and took me through a public park where tons of teams were playing cricket. On my way through the park and cricket games, I found Auckland's Wintergardens.

There were lots of little statues, two green houses, and a fern garden. In one of the green houses there were several kinds of eggplants, and some hot peppers growing making it very colorful.

The other green house had tons of strange tropical plants and trees. One of my favorite plants was a purple stemmed hanging plant. If anyone knows what this is I'd love to know!

After I walked around in the Wintergarden for a while, I figured it was about time to head into the Museum. Now, there was an alternative motive for my seeking out the museum. My MAORI 240 class had already been to the museum, so that they could get an idea of which artifact they would like to study and then make. So I felt that I should go and see what I could find in the way of ancient fish hooks. I found a few, one of which I showed you above, but there were tons of cool Maori artifacts, and pacific memorabilia.

I'm excited to do some more exploring, and I'll let you know how my ancient hook making is coming along!

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  1. I'm glad you're adjusting well! You've certainly had an eventful semester so far... But that Maori class sounds really cool! I had an archeology prof who did reconstructive archeology stuff, and in one class he made an obsidian knife by chipping away at it. Take pictures of your process!

    The Wintergardens are beautiful!