Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The New New Beginning

The last two post I wrote about the incredible experiences I had at Dunedin, but what I didn't write about was the big decision I had to make while I was there. As you know the earthquake devastated Christchurch, and the city will never be the same. Tanks are still stationed around the city, and the death tole continues to rise as the rescue mission turns into a one of recovery.
Throughout last week my e-mail was flooded with advise from both UC and AustraLearn, the program I'm traveling through, about whether international students should stay and wait for classes to resume or transfer to another UNI. At first I was adamant about staying. I love Christchurch and the people there. I had already made a close knit group of friends, and I had gotten to know the surrounding area fairly well. I was settled, but then more and more information came about the devastation, and the possibility of not being able to complete the semester if another larger quake shock Christchurch. I knew I didn't want to leave, but the facts and uncertainty of what was going to happen was over riding my stubborn will to stay.
So as the week progressed Keri, Kathleen, and I feverishly searched the internet looking at the UNIs we could transfer too. Kathleen liked Otago in Dunedin, so she was pretty confidant about transferring there. Keri and I wavered about Victoria in Wellington. I was more attracted to Massey U in Palmerston North, but they really didn't have the classes I was interested in taking. One thing was sure thought, I did not want to go to Auckland. So I had a couple of choices, Victoria in Wellington, Palmerston North, or Waikato in Hamilton. I decided not to go to Palmerston because of the lack of classes. I was nervous about Victoria because the UNI is in the middble of the city, and I am not a city girl. So I looked at Waikato, and found some classes that I liked. They only draw back was that Lynn, Kendal, and Keri were all thinking about Auckland University. I knew if I went to Waikato I'd have to start all over again.
Well at 5:45 on Tuesday morning I left for Waikato. I've only been here for a day, and the UNI has been great getting me enrolled and signed up for classes. There are a few other AustraLearn people here, so I do know a some other students. My flat mates are very nice. There are two German's, another American girl, a Kewi, and a Swed. We all share a bathroom and a kitchen, but we all have our own rooms. I'm going to my first class today, and it's club day, so hopefully I can find a Equestrian Club to join! Wish me luck!

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