Thursday, February 24, 2011


Dunedin is New Zealand's Scottish city. In fact, Dunedin is Celtic for Edinburgh. The city is a little smaller than Christchurch, but filled with older looking stone buildings. Kathleen and I took a bus from Christchurch to Dunedin on Thursday morning, and stayed the night in the Stafford Gables Youth Hostel. While we where there we met up with Kathleen's roommate Aidan who's from Dunedin and Keri who is staying with him and his for dinner. Aidan recommenced we go to Velvet Burger, a restaurant famous for the strange and massive burgers. They had everything from a classic beef burger to venison burgers with pineapple on top! It was delicious!

Later on that evening Kathleen and I said good night to Aidan and Keri, and decided to go out for some drinks. After leaving Christchurch we were ready for a little recreation. Kathleen and I found a small bar with a live Kiwi band. They were great and played some American and Kiwi songs with a little Raggae flare.

Today Kathleen and I left the hostel and headed out to Ocean Grove, the bus stop closest to Aidan house. Aidan's parents were kind enough to offer us a free place to stay, and we were quick to except them! On the walk from the bus stop to Aidan's we were able to get a good look at the out skirts of the city and how lush and green the land is in the southern part of the South Island.

Aidan's house and family has stolen my heart. His mother is really into driving (horse and carts), and she has 8 horses in her 40 archer back yard. Needless to say I am in heaven!

Aidan indulged my horse crazed nature and took Keri and I on a tour of the paddocks, where we met all of there horses including Collin the three/four year old stallion who's posing in the picture above. Walking through the fields I felt like I was in a dream because as we tramped through the muddy grass we managed to scare a hawk and rabbit out of the tall grasses. Even their family dog, Tymie, put on a show by finding a us a nice possum and presenting it to us with a rather proud look on her face.

I really can't express how beautiful this place is. I feel like I just walked into a dream land. Aidan's family is so generous, and I feel so lucky to be staying here. I just want to share one last picture of Tymie and I.

Before I head into town for dinner with Kathleen, Keri, and Aidan, I would just like to say thank you for all of the calls and e-mails you sent me after the quake. It was really nice to hear from you all and know that you are thinking of me. I will write soon about my plans for the rest of the semester, but until then trust that I am having an amazing time in Dunedin!

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