Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sumner Beach

I can't believe I got a tan in February! Yesterday my friends, Kathleen from Ohio and Keri from Illinois, and I biked to Sumner beach. The bike ride there took us around two hours, and the ride back one, but it was worth it!

The ocean was so blue and when we got there it was low tide so the water was pretty warm.
The tides are pretty strong here in New Zealand and the coast is a little rocky so we didn't spend too much time in the ocean. We just sat and soaked up as much sun as possible, which isn't hard to do here because New Zealand is right under the whole in the o-zone layer. Sun screen is pretty big here!

I also got a chance to start reading a new book Black Ice by Anne Stuart a romance/thriller novel that I found at a used book store just up the street from UC (University of Canterbury), it's the perfect beach book. Over all we had a pretty relaxing time,

and I can back relativity unburned, but I did forget to put sun screen on my left ear which is, at the moment, the color of a tomato.

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